product moment shopping haiku

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Cheese on my burger.Now it's cooked to perfection.A gift from my grill.

BBQ Grill

That's right, it's on sale. In fact, it's ALWAYS on sale.Digital framing.

Digital photo frame

I'll breathe easierknowing my air's purified.Sleep easier, too.

Air Purifiers

With Norton I'm safeSurf the Internet all dayKeep the bugs away

Antivirus Software

New Garmin NuviTraffic, news, gas prices tooTouch the screen and GO!

Auto GPS

i tried counting how many times my blades turn for a milkshake. sick now


450 minutes? 200 text messages?Love my cell phone plan.

Cell Phone Plans

three hundred dollarsis less than starbucks per dayno hot chics to watch

Coffee Makers

consumer reportsare much less interestingthan some news reports

Consumer Reports

what does the cook wear?your kitchen's fancy cookware?mmm...what's for dinner?


laying in cradlei wish i was born cordlessfull of messages

Cordless Phones

in 03 I boughtmy digital cameranow it's fat and old

Digital Cameras

pinup girls were realcaptured in a single clicknow they're digital

Digital SLR

spinning 'round dishesspic and span spotless sparkledirty fairy cleans


Load up the strollerSince these twins, I need to runMake it a double

Double Stroller

dvd playercosts so little now, almostfifth what it used to

DVD Players

Laying down the tracksLong ago meant music timeNow I record films

DVD Recorder

I've got the rough bluesI'm so stubbly, electricshavers even lose!

Electric Shavers

time to look aroundrun elliptical trainersand check hot bodies

Elliptical Trainers

portly or just plump?just exercise to slim downand no eating junk

Exercise Bike

some people cry whenthey see the rain or the snowwith furnace, i don't


open close open close open close open closeopen close open

Garage Door Opener

Garmin 350whispers sweetly in my ear.Turn left in 5 miles...

Garmin Nuvi 350

get a better viewwithout leaving the couchwatch hdtv


in love with my heartI monitor it all dayso it will grow strong

Heart Rate Monitor

hiking boots are goodbut they are also heavyhow do you solve that?

Hiking Boots

home gyms will save youtime and energy: gettingdressed and all that jazz

Home Gyms

Vapors in my airand they are supposed to be.So what's in your air?


If you really carePut your dog in a car seathe'll be safer there

Infant Car Seat

Think your limited?Give yourself some Liberty.Safty is priceless.

Insurance Companies

oranges give cbananas give me some d.who sells e? hehe!


your face interfacethe power is in my lapliquid crystal awe


in japan they don'trate sony much - cheap parts fromkorea, they claim


Switch off the bedlightroll to your side of the bedlost in the king size


Blasting at your food It's science fiction at home Used to be silly


My car broke. Met themechanic. Loved him, wed him. Need a minivan.


all my best musicit fits in my mp3goodbye cd scratch!

MP3 Players

printer you are smart if only I could teach you just a few more tricks

Multifunction Printers

Fidelity Please.They've done the research we need.That's what matters most.

Online Broker

hear that perfect soundMy new speakers make it clearI just won the game

PC speakers

Need more memory;Thank God for Pocket PCNow I won't get fired.


Photo edit in my frame. Now that would be nice.Someone get on that.

Photo Editing Software

Buy plasma TV'sAnd catch all the excitementWithout leaving home!

Plasma TV

the world is out there but what do I care for that? lost in my fake games


Knew they were coming.It gave me advanced warning.Thanks to Beltronics.

Radar Detector

refrigeratorsbig, cold, white, heavy boxesfull of milk and stuff


The best type of shoesIf you want my opinionAre those you can't feel


Snowman take over!hair-dryer, and snow blower...snowmen bring it on!

Snow Blower

if I had a gooselay golden eggs in wintershe'd need space heaters

Space Heater

Lexus SUVpinnacle of luxurydrive just to be seen


Tires for off the road.Only the best for hard work,and of course hard play.


Heat it microwave.Microwave toaster oven.Toaster oven heat.

Toaster Oven

bolting through the gymtreadmills are so excitingI'm only joking


run around the roomlittle irobot roombathen go back to charge

Vacuum Cleaners

Washing dirty clothesIt's really quite effectiveIt helps us smell nice

Washing Machines

Wii will, Wii will, ROCKYOU! But not on the Wii 'cause...NO ROCK BAND FOR YOU!


My kids got a wii.They suggested a party.No problem.-Linksys

Wireless Router

sons got an X-box.Whacha' want for your birthday?Needs more memory.