product moment shopping haiku

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My grill is your grill;and my grool is your grool too.My girl is ... NO, wait.

BBQ Grill

It was her birthday.I can watch it in slow mode. Digital frame scroll.

Digital photo frame

air purifierneeded in bathrooms becausewell, I won't spell it

Air Purifiers

poor Windows usersspend dough on antiviruswhile Ubuntu laughs

Antivirus Software

gps locatecar talks to you: turn left nowcan't get lost no more

Auto GPS

Round and round it goes,blending, chopping, pureeingand liquifying


Cell phone plans are neat,because I can text much morethan my neighbors can.

Cell Phone Plans

coffee makers, mommake a nice big mug of blackadd milk and sugar

Coffee Makers

I love to shop butwhen surrounded by debt Ifind it hard to buy

Consumer Reports

New Calphalon pansWill make me an Iron Chef!Or maybe not so.


You're so far awayBut thanks to my cordless phoneI can run to you

Cordless Phones

count on your canonto freeze moments foreverflash included too

Digital Cameras

Single Lense Reflect.Your life through the lense. Reflect. Just don't miss the shot.

Digital SLR

dirty dishes ew dishwasher to the rescue! load ‘em up you're done!


a double strollerstrolls twice the kids at one gobut harder to park

Double Stroller

dvd playersplay those small, silver, flat discsthat somehow show films

DVD Players

DVD you burnbut not in hell my dear friendjust in the machine

DVD Recorder

Braun shaves close, smooth, fastNow you're ready for your dateThis one will outlast!

Electric Shavers

Like running on airWeightless, filled with staminaI don't have a care!

Elliptical Trainers

pedal me faster those calories run in fear exercise bike's here!

Exercise Bike

furnace - no fur, butkeeps you nice and warm, you cantake your jacket off


my servant opens doorswell the garage door at leastjust press a button

Garage Door Opener

She mounted my dash,sat and gave me directions.*sigh...accessories...

Garmin Nuvi 350

My HDTVhas pictures so clear and sharpI must shed a tear.


full of staminarunning all day long my heartneeds a monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

yosemite four.yellowstone just three. zion one.syllables are free

Hiking Boots

home gyms make me miss the girls at my gym but i look like chuck noris

Home Gyms

It's Medisana.Breathing never looked so good.Pure first-class vapors.


Under 20 pounds?You need an infant car seatSafety first you know!

Infant Car Seat insurance.Good think I own a pet shop.Now how

Insurance Companies

the wicked witch putthe apple in the juicerfor poisonous punch


Good for on the can!Good for on the couch! Woo-hoo!Bad for sperm. Uh-oh.


Somethings you can't buy.Everything else you can watch.LCD TV.


Count yourself to sleep.From soft -1- to a hard -10-Then I start again.


news of weird and strangemicro waves warmly to allisn't that friendly


minivans can getall the family in thembut still feel quite small


sorry can't hear you my ipod only has one volume - and that's loud

MP3 Players

Nothing sounds sexy,Like whispering the phrase,Multi-function printer

Multifunction Printers

It's OptionsXpress!Fast service, Wide selection,Low prices; Easy.

Online Broker

It fills the whole room right full of tat vibrant soundI love my speakers

PC speakers

oh my PDA!like prince charming but neaterperfect match for me


improve your looks quickwith this electronic stickperfectly polished

Photo Editing Software

is plasma tv like the plasma in me? well...I'm not good with blood

Plasma TV

Oh video games You seriously like them? So dreadfully bored


police will never catch me. radar detectorssave me tickets. kewl!

Radar Detector

refrigeratorsstop by anytime of dayhope it's not empty


Payless... and you do.We've got all the shoes you need,for small or big feet.


Snowman take over!hair-dryer, and snow blower...snowmen bring it on!

Snow Blower

blow on my toes at this tiny little desk my island of heat

Space Heater

drive my suvlook for parking for hoursbaby screams at back


Tires. Don't blow-out.Please take me where I'm going.Watch out for that nail!


Ham, eggs, bacon, bread,cheese,wine, pizza, oatmeal, fruit...Let's just toast them all.

Toaster Oven

a very long namelandice L7 pro sport trainerenough exercise


no excuses nowfor messy floors the Roombavacuums by itself

Vacuum Cleaners

just before the endwashing machine starts shakingand my books fall off

Washing Machines

who is this crazystanding in front of TVwaving arms shooting


secret messagesbounce through air, check out the worldwhats up everywhere?

Wireless Router

Under heavy fireCrazy three-headed mutantsX-Box saves the world