product moment shopping haiku

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I love my old car.I love my new grill...but itneeded a new look.

BBQ Grill

Watching my pictures,reminds me of the weather,it's all in my frame.

Digital photo frame

air purifierput it near ill-mannered guestthank God for Oreck

Air Purifiers

Trojans, malware andPhishers! Oh My! It's verydangers our there!

Antivirus Software

Auto GPSWhere would I be without you?I really don't know.

Auto GPS

blender is someonewho blends well and hides in crowdsand an appliance


our lust for moneynever exceeds the servicewe pretend to give

Cell Phone Plans

grind, brew, heat, pour, drinkare all coffee makers verbsjust one syllabelle?

Coffee Makers

utterly confused? let me show you where to spend your hard earned money

Consumer Reports

my mother in lawloves my pots and pans. she doeswhy does she even care


cordless phones are greattelegrams were cordless toowell, the paper was

Cordless Phones

taking pictures at parties is like saying likeevery other word

Digital Cameras

I make it easy now anyone can capture a moment in time

Digital SLR

Washing dishes sucks.But starting the dishwasher iseasy! Thank god!


I'm losing my mind...Double stroller GPS?Now there's a good idea...

Double Stroller

DVD playeralmost anachronisticbut iridescent

DVD Players

from tape recorderto DVD recordertechnology moves

DVD Recorder

for men and womenelectric shavers are greatdon't forget lotion

Electric Shavers

I am out of shapeNordic Track can get me backWhere I need to be

Elliptical Trainers

pedal me faster those calories run in fear exercise bike's here!

Exercise Bike

furnaces are hotor sometimes just warm enoughdepends on your scale


open close open close open close open closeopen close open

Garage Door Opener

She mounted my dash,sat and gave me directions.*sigh...accessories...

Garmin Nuvi 350

high-def clarity what about reality? no one seems to care


Run, pant, out of breathWhat's my target heart rate zone?I'm so out of shape!

Heart Rate Monitor

Puss In Boots was sadwhen he went to rest his headhis boots went hiking!

Hiking Boots

Up and Down MotionPush it forward let it backCome on burn that fat

Home Gyms

Dry nose, itchy skin?Not here, not with Aprilaire!Ahh, humidity


Keeping it simple,So when their older they can.We'll be waiting.

Infant Car Seat

Teen, plus beer, plus car...A story that goes too far.Insurance for bars.

Insurance Companies

greatest thing since teethwhy chew when you can juice?vital ecstasy


don't have a mate yetlaptops make great companionsand good matchmakers


in japan they don'trate sony much - cheap parts fromkorea, they claim


great spinal supportbut don't try to pronounce itviscoelastic


zap me up some food someday maybe from thin air? healthy…not so sure


I've got it all here; including the kitchen sink.but... no place to go...


my apple nano was so sweet, until it fell on the busy street

MP3 Players

I can multi taskThey said I was beyond helpThanks Epson Stylus

Multifunction Printers

invest my money do it quick, roller coasters always make me sick

Online Broker

now i can listen to anything, rock n roll!my computer screams

PC speakers

There's 200 pounds,Sitting on my PDA.Asus, Built for Strength.


Photoshop faces perfect little eyes and thighs magazines are lies

Photo Editing Software

so perfect so clean goodbye to this messy world let me watch TV

Plasma TV

Going on a trip.Got to bring my PSP.Amusement for hours.


Speeding! I can't stop!Thank God for this FuzzbusterMaybe I'll slow down

Radar Detector

refrigeratorsbig, cold, white, heavy boxesfull of milk and stuff


I've got barefoot bluesI need some shoes to protectmy feet in winter


wherever you livesnow-blower the new must havewith global warming

Snow Blower

Space Heaters. Keep awayfrom curtains or you will beheating more than space.

Space Heater

gas drives me crazyi've got the SUV bluesi spend all my cash


Chrome rims and spinners.Hypnotic when they're movingand damn they're shiny.


Where is the love, huh?Where are my haikus??? That's it.I will toast you all.

Toaster Oven

pacemaster run fasternever getting anywherejust like a hamster


hollow out the holestime and space are filthy nowvacuum them right up

Vacuum Cleaners

Woosh woosh, bubbly too!Sudsy whirlpools of pleasureHang 'em out to dry

Washing Machines

Wii will, Wii will, ROCKYOU! But not on the Wii 'cause...NO ROCK BAND FOR YOU!


Why buy the new one? When my old one works just fine.Linksys version 1.

Wireless Router

Purchase Xbox, yay!Return Xbox for repair.Rinse. Repeat. Shoot self.