product moment shopping haiku

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It looks like my car,Fact, it used to be my car...Now it's my new grill.

BBQ Grill

Why is it unique?Because you can email it.Yeah... email... the frame.

Digital photo frame

IQ AIR HEALTH PROthe best filter in the worldBringing clean air home

Air Purifiers

there is a rumour:antivirus firms are thevirus inventors

Antivirus Software

safe under it's winggps keeps you on linelike a mother hen

Auto GPS

whirring all day long loud but strong, get the job done a smoothie for you!


Tiny print got me.I owe a lot of money.But I love my plan.

Cell Phone Plans

caffeine in a cupdrink it all up, make some morethen head out the door

Coffee Makers

Consumer ReportsI use to write Haiku poems.Ironic... ain't it.

Consumer Reports

I have OCD.Only perfect pots for me.Martha's just too cheap.


who would have thought it?sitting on the toilet whiletalking on the phone

Cordless Phones

photos in a seccool digital Camerastoo many I think

Digital Cameras

I bought the big glassand a digital body,still need a tripod.

Digital SLR

Dishwashers. Obey.Clean damn you! Clean I say! Now!Or I pull the plug.


Got double Trouble?No problem for us my dear.We take two for you

Double Stroller

dvd playersplay those small, silver, flat discsthat somehow show films

DVD Players

chronicle the pastVHS to DVDit all moves so fast

DVD Recorder

Rapunzel grew boredof her golden hair, so shavedit electrically!

Electric Shavers

I'm a movie star Motor fitness is a mustDang I'm looking good

Elliptical Trainers

portly or just plump?just exercise to slim downand no eating junk

Exercise Bike

winter days are coldfurnaces make you happynow that you are warm


as if waiting formy arrival the garagedoor opens quickly

Garage Door Opener

My new best friend isGARMiN NUVI 350She makes me feel safe

Garmin Nuvi 350

62 inches!bigger than ron jeremy.much much much bigger.


I'm in love with youbut can this monitor tell?or just count the beats?

Heart Rate Monitor

Mud puddles Trenches but my boots will keep me dryStay insulated

Hiking Boots

Unless you own a home gymThere is no forgivable reasonTo have mirrors on all walls.

Home Gyms

I have a bad cold,moisture humidifier,Vicks cool mist relief.


do you think there wereinfant chariot seats whenCeasar ran the show?

Infant Car Seat

Life, car, house, fire, wind.Insurance confuses me. But so does my wife.

Insurance Companies

juicers transform fruityou get a sweet nectar drinkno more pulp fiction


lightweight, thin, moderntake it anywhere you gotype up in the air


LVD TVI'm not sure why I need itůBut it looks pretty


mattresses all overbounce on beds all day and nighttired, go to sleep


microwaves are likestanding on the beach, but thewaves are micro ones


minivan, minican! do it all, chauffeur and moredriving around town


my ipod nanowas torn from my arm tonightthe bastard run off

MP3 Players

My HP printer Does it all, I just sit backScan, print, copy, fax

Multifunction Printers

I need money pleaseonline brokers show with easehow I can get rich!

Online Broker

when at the PCi like sound to surround metiny speakers kick

PC speakers

dropped in the toiletits such a cool paperweightmy new pda


photoshop is greatbest photo editing softwarein my opinion

Photo Editing Software

aquarium outplasma tv in. at least,in my living room

Plasma TV

Going on a trip.Got to bring my PSP.Amusement for hours.


Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop!Doh! It must be a speed trap!Oh wait, it's just a Wal-Mart.

Radar Detector

refrigeratorsstop by anytime of dayhope it's not empty


The best type of shoesIf you want my opinionAre those you can't feel


frosted flakes falling this manmade machine growling delicacy crushed

Snow Blower

traveling through spacei can barely feel my facewe must heat this place!

Space Heater

Lexus, Hummer, Jeep I'll get a second job to pay for all the gas


I've places to go,I can't worry about tiresI haven't got time.


My Little Toaster,You better run for your life.Run or you'll get burnt.

Toaster Oven

I'll run in place andWatch TV, with my treadmillGently guiding me


noisy, loves to sucki'd use vacuum every daybut my house is clean

Vacuum Cleaners

wash the dirty spotsof life with washing machinesyour mind will be clean

Washing Machines

The exciting Wiihands move furiously...pleasedon't whack your brother


Feel the need for speed?Netgear will not slow you down.No wires attached.

Wireless Router

xbox: not a boxbut a game console, no lessplay till you drop dead