product moment shopping haiku

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Low fat meat and beer.Low fat salad; low fat chips.Low fat cooking Grill.

BBQ Grill

He got in a wreck. I play back all the pictures.Just to remind him.

Digital photo frame

air purifierput it near ill-mannered guestthank God for Oreck

Air Purifiers

my laptop itchesscratches too, like it was bitby a bug, it's sick!

Antivirus Software

gps locatecar talks to you: turn left nowcan't get lost no more

Auto GPS

The Magic BulletBlend, crush, swirl your way to healthMix up and drink down!


our lust for moneynever exceeds the servicewe pretend to give

Cell Phone Plans

i'm not so lonelycoffee is the closest starin winter blackness

Coffee Makers

shell out the big bucksdoesn't matter if you needdelight in the deed

Consumer Reports

I have OCD.Only perfect pots for me.Martha's just too cheap.


strolling through my houseI can talk to you and getmy exercise too!

Cordless Phones

the megapixel raceonly the strong will survivetyranny of eyes

Digital Cameras

canon a rebel?and what is che guevara?is he SLR?

Digital SLR

dirty dishes ew dishwasher to the rescue! load ‘em up you're done!


double strollers arenot only for twin siblingssmall gap is good too

Double Stroller

nowadays you thinkthey use dvd playersat drive-in movies?

DVD Players

from tape recorderto DVD recordertechnology moves

DVD Recorder

shaving your elbowis useless. how 'bout your face?oh feels so so smooth

Electric Shavers

I will loose 10 lbs.It's my new resolutionthough it may kill me.

Elliptical Trainers

The exercise bikeHave more fun spinning your wheelswith a Nordic track

Exercise Bike

efficient comfortan energy star furnaceCan it burn Cds?


open this door nowI'm tired of waiting herejust want to get in

Garage Door Opener

My new best friend isGARMiN NUVI 350She makes me feel safe

Garmin Nuvi 350

High definitionNever have to leave my couchI want my TV!


2 year warranty. 30 meters down under.It worries for me.

Heart Rate Monitor

up mountains and hills through rough terrain, ice or rain keep your feet from harm

Hiking Boots

run, lift weights and skiin the comfort of your homewith a good home gym

Home Gyms

Live Medisana.We all need water to live.It's a breath for life.


an infant car seatqualifies for carpool lanewith baby on board

Infant Car Seat

She is a widow,a sly black widow that is.Sucking insurance.

Insurance Companies

Get every last drop.Squeeze until there's nothing left.What is this again?


Good for on the can!Good for on the couch! Woo-hoo!Bad for sperm. Uh-oh.


Somethings you can't buy.Everything else you can watch.LCD TV.


on my best mattressi can sleep, read and do other thingsfor example, eat


Blasting at your food It's science fiction at home Used to be silly


My car broke. Met themechanic. Loved him, wed him. Need a minivan.


My Moto ROKRLost in my own little worldThis phone sings sweetly!

MP3 Players

Nothing sounds sexy,Like whispering the phrase,Multi-function printer

Multifunction Printers

I look for the best.I let my broker invest.Their OptionsXpress.

Online Broker

now i can listen to anything, rock n roll!my computer screams

PC speakers

oh my PDA!like prince charming but neaterperfect match for me


Revolting Ruby"photo editing software!"she screamed at the mirror

Photo Editing Software

people still ooh and aahwhen they see plasma tv'ssssh while viewing

Plasma TV

The volume is great.Graphics are Incredible.PSP.. SOOO SWEET.


Their getting better,detecting our detectors.We're under radar.

Radar Detector

when it gets too hoti'd like to climb in the fridgei'd sleep, eat and sleep!


sneakers, heals, sandles,boots, slipper. tap shoes, loafer,we've got them all here.


Snowman take over!hair-dryer, and snow blower...snowmen bring it on!

Snow Blower

Space Heaters. Keep awayfrom curtains or you will beheating more than space.

Space Heater

Wilderness brought home.No need to stay on the road.SUV- Get Out.


truck,car, van, trailer.Good year has them all coveredon and off the road.


little oven forlittle toast, little snacks buti love them the most

Toaster Oven

bolting through the gymtreadmills are so excitingI'm only joking


They clean and they suck.They suck and they clean...again.Attracted to dirt.

Vacuum Cleaners

Scrub, scour, wash, and rinse.My babe knows how to clean. She'sa washing machine.

Washing Machines

Wii. Really dumb name.Fun for a boy or a girl.Just like a Slinky.


Why buy the new one? When my old one works just fine.Linksys version 1.

Wireless Router

Purchase Xbox, yay!Return Xbox for repair.Rinse. Repeat. Shoot self.