product moment shopping haiku

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I assembled it,now it has three extra screws.New Barbeque Grill.

BBQ Grill

He got in a wreck. I play back all the pictures.Just to remind him.

Digital photo frame

a stale scent aloftair purifier the cureatmosphere divine

Air Purifiers

computers won't sneezewith anti virus softwarethey will be immune

Antivirus Software

Always getting lostNow with MagellanI can explore too

Auto GPS

The Magic BulletBlend, crush, swirl your way to healthMix up and drink down!


verizon oh on!t-mobile no coverageat&t ugh!

Cell Phone Plans

cuisinart, braun, bunn, capresso, coffee makers:why is it all cold?

Coffee Makers

so much stuff, here, there buy! they say, you'll feel better help me I'm so lost

Consumer Reports

Goldilocks peered insaw the porridge in the bowls"Ooh what nice cookware!"


laying in cradlei wish i was born cordlessfull of messages

Cordless Phones

digital dazzlecharm the camera, smile bigor we'll just delete

Digital Cameras

Freeze a frame of lifeWith digital SLRSmile and say, "Cheese!"

Digital SLR

scrub, scrape, scour, soakwith a dishwasher no needyou're work is all done!


identical twinsare two. triplets are three, no?seven is lucky

Double Stroller

with me you can watch any DVD you please I swear I won't scratch

DVD Players

if a show is badthe best dvd recorderwill not make it good

DVD Recorder

runs on batterieslet you groom face on the runelectric shavers

Electric Shavers

Jogging hurts me kneesElliptical trainer pleaseNo more hurting knees

Elliptical Trainers

Pedaling fasterIn place but movin' alongBurn off that brownie

Exercise Bike

efficient comfortan energy star furnaceCan it burn Cds?


Weather matter not;I hold the electric key.Leave my car? Not me.

Garage Door Opener

Nuvi 350My personal assistantI can do it all

Garmin Nuvi 350

I can see clearly.Even the sweat on their brows.It's best not to look.


in love with my heartI monitor it all dayso it will grow strong

Heart Rate Monitor

feet in hiking bootssometimes i climb the mountainsometimes it climbs me

Hiking Boots

well you're fat you know so you should buy this home gym you'll never use it

Home Gyms

humidifiercreates water in the airgoldfish need a bowl


My infant car seat has lots of size adjustments.Now my dog can fit.

Infant Car Seat

My truck caught on fire.What do I file that under?Can I file both?

Insurance Companies

oranges give cbananas give me some d.who sells e? hehe!


I am jealous.My brother has a laptop,and I want one too!


LCD TVlet us keep it simple please.Let's keep it SONY.


budget innerspringsimmons deepsleep, heavy coilsfor frugal sleepers


microwaves zapping all around my head, what if they cooked me instead?


escape the forestSnow White and the Seven Dwarvesbuy a minivan!


all my best musicit fits in my mp3goodbye cd scratch!

MP3 Players

Kodak Easy SharePrinter Scanner CopierIt's so beautiful

Multifunction Printers

can you make moneyonline brokers use best guessnot with crystal balls

Online Broker

when at the PCi like sound to surround metiny speakers kick

PC speakers

Blackberry, you're sweetYou keep my head togetherAnd I'm nice and neat!


Really confusing.But once it's down to an art;I'll work in movies.

Photo Editing Software

so perfect so clean goodbye to this messy world let me watch TV

Plasma TV

Sony PSP.Uses UMD. Pwned!They never will learn.


detecting radarI'd go real fast, and at leastnot get more tickets

Radar Detector

I keep opening the fridge to see if something new is there to eat


sneakers, heals, sandles,boots, slipper. tap shoes, loafer,we've got them all here.


honda snowblowerwhat better way to spend time?so much for snow day

Snow Blower

if I had a gooselay golden eggs in wintershe'd need space heaters

Space Heater

I have a dealer.He cut me some off the top.Course... I mean my car.


truck,car, van, trailer.Good year has them all coveredon and off the road.


i prefer my toastsjumping from below - not thetoaster oven way

Toaster Oven

best treadmill's so widetwo people can run on itside by side by side


greatest thing since brooms.My kids even cleaned their rooms!I yelled EUREKA!

Vacuum Cleaners

I'd like to jump in the swirling washing machineswim the bubbly sea

Washing Machines

Wii tennis. Wii golf.Wii bowling, without a strap.Wii broke the TV.


Feel the need for speed?Netgear will not slow you down.No wires attached.

Wireless Router

Go to class, ya right.Got to meet my friends online.X-Box runs my life.