product moment shopping haiku

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Fighting fat and grease.George Forman Revolution!Take it to the streets!

BBQ Grill

When it's cold outside,My picture frame tells me so. Add a pic of snow.

Digital photo frame

air purifierneeded in bathrooms becausewell, I won't spell it

Air Purifiers

there is a rumour:antivirus firms are thevirus inventors

Antivirus Software

turn right and then left here's some music and weather as we drive along

Auto GPS

blenders blend food stuffslike vegetables or fruitbut don't stick fingers


Rollover? Nights andweekends? How do I know whichcellphone plan to get?

Cell Phone Plans

grind brew sleep making used to besimple. not anymore.

Coffee Makers

have trouble spending? tight wad? we'll help you spend thatmoney, don't worry!

Consumer Reports

cook - where? in the kitchenwhere did you think, the bedroom?ah... you said cookware...


into this room, then the next, always on the go oh, what did you say?

Cordless Phones

capture memories store forever or delete point, click, save, repeat

Digital Cameras

SLR magicthey say it's done with mirrorswhat about the smoke?

Digital SLR

Boy does life reallysuck when the damn dish washer'son the blinkin' fritz.


double strollera man fulfills his fantasyof two babes at once

Double Stroller

with me you can watch any DVD you please I swear I won't scratch

DVD Players

DVD you burnbut not in hell my dear friendjust in the machine

DVD Recorder

rough shave? fear no more I'm electric, fast and neat clean shave and you're done

Electric Shavers

round and round I gowhere I stop nobody knowsblow-out here I come!

Elliptical Trainers

how can you bike wherethe landscape never changes?on exercise bike

Exercise Bike

some people cry whenthey see the rain or the snowwith furnace, i don't


open sesame!I yelled at the garage doorwhy did it not work?

Garage Door Opener

Garmin 350whispers sweetly in my ear.Turn left in 5 miles...

Garmin Nuvi 350

hdtv: iheard great things of qualitycan't afford it now


your heart is begging help me out! I need some air run around out there!

Heart Rate Monitor

Waterproof comfort Custom fit protection gearBoots for outdoor fun

Hiking Boots

working in home gymsworking out, I mean, don't flinchnot working your job

Home Gyms

we ask in winterfor more humidity butin summer we scream


It rides like a dream. The best gifts are the smallest.We keep them safe.

Infant Car Seat

I shaved a dog bald.The owner flipped on me; buthe had insurance.

Insurance Companies

Thanks to my juicerMore frequent trips to marketI meet pretty girls


lightweight, thin, moderntake it anywhere you gotype up in the air


tv what's on nowsomething good I really hopeand good machine too


great spinal supportbut don't try to pronounce itviscoelastic


kenmore microwaveswhen you're in the mood to nukethey can really cook


minivan, minican! do it all, chauffeur and moredriving around town


Sexiest miniSince invention of the skirtIpod mini, grrrl!

MP3 Players

printer you are smart if only I could teach you just a few more tricks

Multifunction Printers

Yay! Online Brokers!Now I can buy/sell for cheap!Now I am plain broke.

Online Broker

It fills the whole room right full of tat vibrant soundI love my speakers

PC speakers

I have 5 minutes.But what should I do with it?PDA- A game.


photoshop is greatbest photo editing softwarein my opinion

Photo Editing Software

people still ooh and aahwhen they see plasma tv'ssssh while viewing

Plasma TV

Going on a trip.Got to bring my PSP.Amusement for hours.


radar detectors:drive fast without worrying,except accidents

Radar Detector

refrigeratorsstop by anytime of dayhope it's not empty


the world is too bigto cover it with leatherwhy not get some shoes?


I used to shovelthe snow, now I don't have tosnow-blower does all

Snow Blower

a room, big or smallis nice with a space heaterbut not in summer

Space Heater

No place left to go.SUV- Travel the world.Dinner time. -GO HOME!


have a spare tire?not around your waist i mean,i just have a flat


Heat it microwave.Microwave toaster oven.Toaster oven heat.

Toaster Oven

run, run, run like ahamster or rat in a cageat least I am now skinny


noisy, loves to sucki'd use vacuum every daybut my house is clean

Vacuum Cleaners

Load from Top or Front Color doesn't matter muchIt's good cleaning fun

Washing Machines

who is this crazystanding in front of TVwaving arms shooting


wireless routerneighbours stealing my broadbandand vice versa - ha!

Wireless Router

xbox: not a boxbut a game console, no lessplay till you drop dead